New Website Launch

New Website Launch

We are live!

     The new, updated website is now live and ready for your browsing enjoyment. This was a long and nerve racking process because I wanted to make your experiences easy, fun and streamlined. 

     If you experience any issues along the way, please email me at: and a fix will be implemented. 


     The new site has a few different features built in this time. "Collections" are the new way to filter products. Click on the collection category to see all the items available. As with the last site, most of our focus is on baseball cards. Football and basketball cars, when available, will have their own categories that contain all option of cards for that sport. 

     More payment options have been added. As always, all major credit cards and PayPal are accepted. Shop Pay, Pay In 4 and Google Pay have also been added for payments. In the future, Apple Pay MAY be accepted, not sure yet. 

Pay In 4 though Shop Pay will allow buyers to split their orders (when minimum order is reached) into 4 equal payments, adding flexibility to add some new items to your collection. 

     This new update has also updated our Facebook and Instagram Shops. Please let us know if there are any issues on either platform as well. 

     Launching the new site with a new webhost will be a learning experience for all of us. So, please, be patient as changes and updates will be going on regularly along the way. My biggest efforts will be put into making this a positive and smooth experience for you all.


Thanks for your support,

Brad Davis-Owner

Chief Wahoo Sportscards

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